Taste of 2017

Putting on the market a new sort of coffee that takes into account the voice of every Belarusian.


Barista is a young local brand of ground coffee produced in Belarus.


Barista is a low price segment coffee, where the experienced Russian brand Jockey is dominating the market for many years.


We had to draw the attention of Belarusian customers to Barista brand and lay the foundation for a brand communication platform.


Barista is a dialogue. This is a conversation about coffee and your specific preferences. And the local brand is strong as soon as it understands the local customer and his concerns. This brand is more trust-worthy. Therefore, we have started with a simple question: what state is missing in Belarus and Belarusians?


We offered Belarusians to choose from one of the three states that they miss the most, and which can be easily obtained with the help of a coffee cup. This is Boost, Inspiration and Focus. Behind every state, we put a star candidate, real election campaign, and a special kind of coffee that could not be bought anywhere. Vadim Galygin, the ambassador of Boost, convinced that only Boost will help everyone to do and manage to do more. Larisa Gribaleva as a candidate for Inspiration set Belarusians on a state which makes new ideas and beginnings possible, while Ales Mukhin argued that it is Focus that helps us to concentrate and find a solution. 

We wanted every Belarusian citizen to influence the choice of Taste of 2017, so we launched a special coffee truck where you could try the 3 types of coffee and vote. During the campaign, it has travelled around 30 Belarusian cities. The election race was covered online as the website collected votes from all over the country non-stop, and the most successful voters won a kilogram of coffee every day. Together with this, pre-election appearances of candidates on TV and meetings with "voters" took place. The final of the project were a branded content show named Taste of 2017 and the subsequent release of a new product. The show was broadcasted by ONT channel on Friday evening prime time. As for the content, the show included debates, star guests, appeals to voters, Q&A session with questions from TV viewers, as well as performances from the candidates and the final hours of voting.

As the show reached its climax we prepared the perfect blend "Taste of 2017", which took into account each and every for all three states as follows: 38% of Inspiration, 36% of Boost and 26% of Focus. The new Barista "Taste of 2017" went on sale right after the show.


During the campaign, about 250,000 Belarusians voted online for one of the three states. Due to the effective mix of channels, we reached the audience of more than 6 million people. Sales of Barista coffee grew by 30%, and the brand's share in the ground coffee segment grew by 3%.