From Heart to Heart

АrАrАt – the world's first brandy that understands what your heart feels.


ArArAt owned by Pernod Ricard was Winston Churchill's favourite brandy. In Belarus ArArAt is a brand from the Soviet past consistently associated with traditions.


Such a brand does not attract a modern audience. Akhtamar – 10-year-old brandy in the line remains nothing more than a good gift that does not have to be opened at all.


To attract a young audience with a unique brand experience based on communication platform "From Heart to Heart". They know such concepts as "artificial intelligence", "neural network" and "hologram". A brand that creatively uses these concepts gets attention and more sales.


We have created an AI module which recognizes emotions during a conversation and and unique crystal glasses that can show them right inside the brandy. Due to self-taught neural network able to identify 7 types of emotions you are able to express your feelings right at the moment. 
Here's how it works: turn on the application on the mobile device and choose one of the available menu options. Then place two glasses in the indicated squares and pour ARARAT brandy in them. And now just start talking.
Your emotions are reflected directly inside your glasses.
Special gift "Akhtamar and unique glasses" sets went on sale in mid-December 2017.


The project has collected about 50 mentions in the local and international press and received positive feedback from experts from 9 countries (Japan, UK, USA, Australia, etc.). Sales of ArArAt Akhtamar increased by 25% compared to the same period last year.