A show about the journey of music band Bez Bileta through the countries from their song, expanding the borders of Belarusians.



Krinitsa brewing company is the largest Belarusian producer and exporter of beer abroad.


The project is part of an integrated rebranding campaign for Krinitsa beer.

Strategic solution:

Instead of short advertising spots, create the first full-fledged Belarusian travel show of a new format, revealing the idea of the new brand Krinitsa and its values, and subsequently provide it with prime-time rotation on the main Belarusian TV channel.

Idea and execution:

Make of the most limitless and creatively free band of Belarus Bez Bileta – the hosts of a new travel show and send this team to places from their famous song "Address – Planet Earth". Route points were: Rio, Grand Canyon, Nile, Nazca desert, Pyramids, Baikal, Hudson, Moon Valley and Easter Island. At each of these points, the group meets native Belarusians living there and shows Belarusians in Belarus how our national features, namely openness, friendliness and cosmopolitanism, helping Belarusians to find a common language easily anywhere in the world. The guys share their thoughts, show that any boundaries exist only in our head and inspire each viewer to reveal their potential and use their best qualities.


  • impressions: 4.5 million people;
  • 2 free repeats of the show on TV channels with further free rotation in satellite broadcasting;
  • nomination and Silver in the TV award Televershina for the best entertainment project.