Promo that's never existed

When the law is observed and the benefit is undeniable.


    Jameson is the choice of young and creative. They are attracted by humour, comfort and independence of the brand.


    Like any brand, Jameson needs audience attention, even within significant legislative restrictions on communication.


    Both the government and society are positive about corporate responsible brands. Jameson contributed to the solution of one of the most urgent problems – environment protection.


    Jameson cares about the environment.


    Empty glass bottles are damaging the environment. Empty Jameson bottles are the basis for creativity and new ideas.

    How it works: come to the Jameson workshop, put your empty green bottle in a special fusing-oven, add creative elements and take away a unique art object. Everything is simple and comfortable.


    During the campaign, about 500 thousand people learned about the activation, and 735 participants decorated their interior with unique Jameson art objects. In general, the market sales grew by 70%.