We are also 75!

Nescafe celebrated its 75th anniversary with a nationwide creative contest.





To strengthen Nescafe Classic's position as a great people's brand by using the brand's 75th anniversary as an informational cause.

Flow of thought:

Celebrating another anniversary, brands congratulate themselves ("Woohoo, we are ... years old!"). We decided that consumers should congratulate Nescafe on the holiday.


Not only Nescafe can be 75 years old, but also its fans when they get together.


We launched a nationwide creative contest "We are also 75", which in fact has become a nationwide show on the Internet. According to the rules of the contest, the participants were asked to gather a company and take a picture so that all those present in the photo were together for 75 years. Every day, the star jury chose the best original photo, the authors of which were encouraged by festive sets for the New Year.
In support of the campaign, an advertising campaign was launched using standard ATL promotion channels. All of them brought consumers to the site with the conditions of the contest.


For 2.5 months of the contest, more than 47 thousand participants sent their photos. In total, the contest page was viewed by about 1 million people with an average duration of contact with the brand of 6 minutes.