Pravila vkusov

Pravilo SA-LA-TA

Strategy, branding, design and communication for the first Belarusian product in its category.



Production Company Pravila Vkusov Ltd.


It is necessary to develop a brand and put on the market the first Belarusian line of packaged ready-to-eat vegetable salads.

Strategic solution:

At the time of project development, this category was represented by several foreign brands with a situational image in social networks and a high price. In addition, potential consumers did not have a clear understanding of the category, situations and methods of consumption, as well as the benefits of the ingredients included in the salads.

The strategic decision was to create a brand that, in addition to the educational function, will perform several tasks at once:

  • situation and way of consumption ("I know how and when to consume the product");
  • informing about the benefits of the product for the body ("I buy because it is useful");
  • image component of product consumption ("I buy because it is trendy").

Idea and execution:

In the course of development, it became clear that the audience should not be so much attracted as taught about the features and benefits of this product category. This need is reflected in the name of the product, its concept, brand idea and advertising campaign. Naming fundamentally removes from the product all the touch of pathos, premium and sophistication (which are the stoppers for the mass consumer), turning the product into a simple, affordable, friendly, understandable and, most importantly, necessary for everyone. Simplicity and health are also reflected in the slogan of the product line.