FRUDOZА = juicy portion of happiness.



Morozprodukt company


Morozprodukt is one of the largest ice-cream producers in Belarus for 20 years. In 2014 they developed a unique technology for ice cream – Eskimo with pieces of fruit and berries in a juicy strawberries, mango, or black currant glaze.

The product targeted for a specific audience which was first-ever identified according to the results of a marketing research. We found a new segment of young people who already began to express demand for stylish and useful brands. These are innovators and hedonists who are willing to pay a higher price for light ice cream allowing them to forget about the calories and simply enjoy the taste. By that time, the demand for such a product was not yet satisfied, so we had to prepare a global launch and promote the pioneer brand producing campaing on the Belarusian ice cream market.


FRUDOZA = a juicy portion of happiness.


While developing a design for a new brand, we used a simple visual association: the bite mark has the shape of a smile, which appeared on the faces of hipster characters. Eat ice cream and smile!

Following the market launch of FRUDOZA, we have created an advertising spot consisting of a teaser and a pleaser. So, at the very height of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, when thousands of Belarusians were watching Belarusian athletes succeed, we launched a teaser disguised as an advertisement for Sochi-2014. And then in March a large-scale advertising campaign promoting juicy speciality started. According to the creative solution, berries and fruits enjoy themselves all year round, while catching positive vibes and happiness on the slopes of the FRUDOZА ski resort. Filming took place in the northern part of Italy (Livigno resort) on the height of 3600 m.