Za Spartak!

"Za Spartak!" (en. For (my vote for) Spartak!) is a new modern brand of the Spartak confectionery factory.


The Spartak confectionery factory is one of the largest Belarusian state confectionery factory.


In 2021, create and put on the market a new, modern confectionery brand based on the values of the enterprise.


Fairness is a demand that is steadily growing around the world. Just like Spartacus in ancient Rome fought for fairness, the Spartak factory today is a confectionery of fairness.

Idea and execution:

"Za Spartak! – for Fairness!" is a new brand of the Spartak factory and its new communication platform. Line "Za Spartak!" is a line of fair confectionery products. Its fairness consists of the following ingredients:

  • fair recipe – the agency, together with the factory technologists, worked out recipes and a palette of flavors. In "Za Spartak!" only real chocolate and a maximum of natural ingredients;
  • fair design – for quality products, an appropriate modern and attractive design was created that enhances the value of the brand;
  • fairness for every age – the line consists of products for different ages, occasions and prices, so that everyone can find a product for themselves. For convenience, we stylistically divided the line into 4 product groups, and also developed the principles of a single display, shelf space design and a POSM-materials system;
  • fair hero – we have rethought the image of the hero of the Spartak brand. "Za Spartak!" will support everyone in moments when you want to feel fairness.

Line "Za Spartak!" sold in stores from November 2021. The agency carried out all stages of work on the development, creation, legal support of the brand, assistance in building a product line and selection of recipes, design development and art direction, print control, creation of creative materials for an advertising campaign and work in the trade channel, as well as the necessary support for further development of the brand. An international team from four countries worked on the project.