Mastercard®, Belagroprombank and the PerekrestOK

Regulate your profit

Launch of the PerekrestOK card from Mastercard®, Belagroprombank and the PerekrestOK retail chain in Mogilev and Minsk.


Belagroprombank, Mastercard® and the PerekrestOK retail chain.


To support an advertising campaign of a new joint card launch that combines moneyback, Motsnaya Kartka loyalty programs and PerekrestOK retail chain program.

Idea and execution:

A pretty woman-traffic controller will help manage such streams of benefits with the new PerekrestOK card. This key image, created by means of 3D computer graphics, both attracts and holds attention.The agency developed a full set of advertising materials, including communication, key visuals and adaptations, video content, and also held a presentation that included a performance right in the shop trading hall.