100 Years Guarding the Happiness

In 2021, the insurance company Belgosstrakh celebrates its 100th anniversary.



Communication campaign for the 100th anniversary of Belgosstrakh.


To tell about the 100th anniversary of Belgosstrakh and show its modernity and diversity of its insurance product portfolio.

Strategic solution:

To continue the development of the previously developed "100 Years Guarding the Happiness" platform and show how many reasons for happiness are opened with insurance products of Belgosstrakh. Build a stable connection between the moment of happiness and insurance product of Belgosstrakh.

Idea and execution:

"100 Years Guarding the Happiness" is a hundred real situations when you feel happy. Your happiness is fragile, and in order to preserve it for 100 years, the Belgosstrakh company has been working. To demonstrate the fragility of moments of happiness and to show the function of its protection and preservation by Belgosstrakh, we created a world consisting of orange glass (your moment of happiness) and white foam balls (the material that protects the glass). In this concept, we performed graphic scenes, animations and printed text materials. In addition, we created an anniversary corporate identity for use within the Belgosstrakh company throughout the year. In order to additionally show customers the whole variety of insurance products, an online promo project "100 Years Guarding the Happiness" was launched. Entering the site, the participant is immediately greeted with 100 simple and pleasant occasions that describe different moments of life. By choosing one of them, the participant receives a discount on the corresponding type of insurance.