Belaruskali is a global supplier of potash fertilizers that helps countries to be hospitable.


Belaruskali is a Belarusian state-owned company producing potash fertilizers. One of the world leaders in mining and production. The enterprise produces and supplies 25% of the total volume of potash fertilizers on the world market.


To endow the enterprise with a modern brand that will correspond to its scale and status in the world market and provide the enterprise with a complete system of identity, graphic and visual materials.

Strategic solution:

Thanks to potash fertilizers, plants grow better, more crops are harvested around the world, and countries become more hospitable. Thanks to the work of Belaruskali, hospitality is growing all over the planet. Belaruskali is a source of hospitality.

This essence of the brand and communication is reflected in a full-fledged graphic identity system, communication and graphic materials.

The agency carried out a full range of works on restyling the legendary company logo, creating a full-fledged identity system and graphic materials, producing a series of high-quality modern graphic and video materials for the company, as well as all the necessary guides for the further implementation of the updated brand in the company.