Guarding the Happiness

A new communication platform for the brand that broadcast simple human values.



Belgosstrakh is the main state insurance company in Belarus. It is the largest player in the insurance services market and provides all possible types of insurance.


To provide the company with a modern image and communication that matches the company's position in the market.

Strategic solution:

Instead of the stereotypical approach in insurance communication – “talking about fears”, Belgosstrakh will build its communication on moments of happiness, pleasant purchases, travel and leisure. The new field of brand communication is fixed in the slogan and additional sign.

Idea and execution:

Just as defensive lines protect securities, Belgosstrakh protects your moments of happiness.

The campaign builds an additional visual link between Belgostrakh and securities – money. The value of the Belgosstrakh policy is growing.

The materials for the advertising campaign are made in the technique of guilloche and engraving under the guidance of a specialist in securities design. All objects were drawn by hand, according to pre-created 3D models.