McDonald's App

Global McDonald's App in Belarus.





The global McDonald’s app, which has been already used by millions of people in more than 30 countries, is now in Belarus.

The application contains McDonald's unique mouth-watering offers based on your preferences, favorite dishes, time of visit and more, and makes personalized offers based on this data. In addition, it will introduce you to the menu, company news, and direct you to the nearest McDonald’s restaurant.


To announce the McDonald's application launch in Belarus.


Fear of missing out, or fear of being "out of touch" is the fear of missing something important, not being among those who tried the something brand new, pushes people to constantly search for information valuable to the majority.


We know about this phenomenon, so we chose Instagram celebrities who visit McDonald’s from time to time as the faces of our campaign. We showed them the application, and also offered them to become the faces of the campaign so that they could tell their subscribers and all Belarusians about it.


I can't do my thing until I install the Global McDonald’s App.


We chose a series of vivid images that formed the basis of visuals and stories-format videos.