Mastercard® and SberBank

I know the value of money

Relaunch of Mastercard® and SberBank ComPass line.


SberBank and Mastercard®.


A few years ago, SberBank and Mastercard® launched the ComPass premium cards line on the Belarusian market. The cards made it possible to receive pleasant travel bonuses, accumulate miles and book hotels at a discount, as well as visit to the VIP-lounge zone of airports.


In period of the reduction in tourist activity due to the pandemic, the agency needs to reposition the ComPass premium cards line and reimagine its communication.


In addition to the tourist component, ComPass also has many other nice bonuses, especially permanent discounts on purchases from premium partners. Wealthy people know how to count money and get benefits. ComPass needs to remind them about it.

Idea and execution:

We have developed a new communication campaign – "I know the value of money." We show an attractive image of wealthy ComPass cardholders who know how to count their money. The promotional series has been structured in such a way to organize the portfolio of cards in terms of their content, functions and benefits.